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Getting Started

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Procurement Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to providing its clients with an affordable means of placing their corporate services, software and hardware on the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Multiple Awards Schedules (MAS). We also help our clients with GSA compliance issues and requirements.

There are numerous avenues for companies to contract with the government for products and services. We know that the company which has multiple sources and types of contract vehicles at its disposal will be better positioned in the marketplace to accept an order from the government.

In fiscal year 2009, over $38B in business was recorded on the GSA Multiple Award Schedule Program alone. As you can see, these are the contracts to be on!

There are schedules for almost every business sector, some of the most popular GSA schedules are:

  • Financial & Business Services (FABS)
    Financial Transaction, Debt Collection, Asses Management and Auditing Services
  • Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD)
    Provides full Logistics Services and Configuration Management Support.
  • Professional Engineering Services (PES)
    Wide variety of Administrative, Management and Technical Engineering Functions.
  • Environmental Services (ES)
    Environmental, Hazardous Materials, Remediation, Training, Compliance and Services.
  • Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS)
    Provides Conferencing, Public Education, Marketing, Photography, Web Casting and Media Services.
  • Information Technology Services (ITS)
    Information Technology Services, HW, SW, Maintenance and Training.
  • Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)
    Management Consulting, Facilitation, Survey, Training, Acquisition Management and Program Management Services.

Call us to discuss which of the 40 plus GSA Schedule(s) fit your companies’ profile.

PSI provides a full range of services to our clients:

  • We start with compiling and submitting your proposal.
  • We review your proposal with you.
  • We contact your assigned Contracting Officer.
  • We conduct negotiations for you.
  • We complete your Final Proposal Revision (Formerly BAFO)
  • We develop, process, recompile, submit and upload your approved GSA Proof Pricelist to GSA Advantage! 
  • When we are finished, your completed Pricelist is ready for distribution to your customers at all Federal Agencies.

PSI provides insight into any new changes that come out of GSA pertaining to the Schedule contracts. These changes, which may affect your negotiations take time to be published and distributed. As your eyes and ears, we can try to shorten any response time.

PSI understands the limited resources available to small and medium sized companies and that's why we keep our fees very reasonable.

Contact one of our GSA Specialists today!