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GSA Schedule Consulting

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Procurement Solutions, Inc. GSA Schedule Consulting Services

Full Services:

  • Schedule Consulting
  • Review client requirements
  • Collect client data
    • Preliminary data questionnaire sent to client
    • Follow up questionnaire
  • Proposal Preparation
    • Analyze changes published by GSA
    • Review drafts
    • Prepare final proposal
    • Includes current commercial Pricelist and Corporate data
    • Complete solicitation documents
    • Create GSA price List
  • Negotiations
    • Negotiated with latest GSA rules changes
    • Can take several weeks to several months
    • Prepare Final Proposal Revision (formally BAFO) reaffirming all the conditions previously negotiated. (Does not mean that prices are reduced)
  • Contract Award
    • At conclusion of all negotiations, the award letter and any changes to Pricelist are sent out for review.
    • Revision and resubmittal of Proof Pricelist to GSA. (When approved by Contracting Officer, the Pricelist can be distributed to all agencies.)
    • We upload approved GSA Pricelist to the GSA Advantage! system
  • Post Award Services
    • Post award and Training Services are available, and are normally tailored to fit our clients needs

Advisory Services:

PSI Staff can advise you on other pertinent GSA questions or issues that your company may have.