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Post Award Services

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After your GSA Schedule is awarded PSI offers services to assist you with maintenance, compliance and usage of your schedule.

Compliance and Audit Assistance Services:

You are obligated to keep your GSA contract updated and comply with all the contract terms and conditions.  PSI assists its clients to maintain compliance and be prepared for any Contractor Assistance Visits (CAV) conducted by the GSA industrial operation specialists.

Help Desk Services:

Answers to questions and information are always helpful in any endeavor. Your GSA Schedule is a living, breathing contract document, and not a static instrument. Your contract will have many changes over the 5 year periods. You will probably need to make changes to keep up with your business model and new services. Also GSA makes mandatory changes that affect your contract. Your clients may have specific requirements for you to fulfill under your contract. All of these may require some level of support. PSI will be here to assist you as your schedule needs change and to answer your questions.

GSA Schedule Maintenance Services:

Procurement Solutions, Inc. performs various levels of GSA Schedule maintenance. Some schedules need constant updating as the products, services or training are constantly changing. Almost all changes to your schedule will require a contract modification. If your schedule is going to be changing on a regular basis then you may need maintenance support. Additionally PSI clients on monthly maintenance contracts receive notice from PSI of changes and MODs so we can update their contracts as administrative and other changes occur or are sent down by Contracting Officers from GSA.  Our services include:

  • Product price updates
  • Economic Price Adjustment
  • Addition of Labor Categories
  • Addition of products and services
  • Novation
  • Point of Contact Changes
  • GSA Advantage!
  • Price Reductions
  • Maintaining your GSA Pricelist
  • Online Modifications
  • Administrative Changes
  • Delivery & Warranty Terms
  • Contract Administration
  • GSA Contractor Assistance Visits (CAV Audits)

Marketing Services:

PSI staff can assist with marketing efforts by providing information on, market trends, market analysis, market projections, introductions, research, competitor analysis, proposal research and analysis, partnering opportunities and strategic alliances.

GSA Proposal Services:

Procurement Solutions, Inc. is here to assist our clients in order to make changes to their schedules and keep them up to date. PSI also prepares additional schedule proposals for our clients as they expand their businesses into other areas of the marketplace. Several of our long time customers have grown from small companies with 1 GSA Schedule to large businesses that now have 4 or 5 GSA Schedules.

PSI works with our clients to submit clear and concise proposals that reflect the latest updated requirements from GSA.