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GSA Contract Audit Assistance

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Procurement Solutions, Inc. provides GSA Contract Audit support. We will work with you to understand and work through the process of a Compliance Audit and help you prepare your responses to GSA for information and clarification. We guide you by preparing an internal review of all information to be presented to the auditors. We also review and assess potential exposures, and prepare explanations for any transactions that appear to be out of compliance.

PSI offers the following services to our clients for Audit Assistance:

  • Availability to be onsite during Contractor Assistance Visits (CAV)
  • Availability to be on conference call during CAV
  • Delivery Orders Review
  • Contract Orders Review
  • CCR Review
  • ORCA Review
  • Proposal Review
  • Price Support / Justification
  • Administrative Compliance
  • Records Review
  • Modification Compliance
  • Pricelist Compliance
  • Commercial Pricing Review
  • Discount Compliance
  • 72A / IFF Review
  • eSRS subcontractor report review