General Consulting Services



Procurement Consulting

Procurement Solutions, Inc. is able to assist our clients with additional GSA or non GSA procurements. We help by providing advice, research, counsel, agency information, bidding information, incumbent information and any additional information needed to assist our clients in making bid or no bid decisions. PSI has also participated in proposal or red team efforts with our clients.


Proposal Consulting Services

Procurement Solutions, Inc. has many years experience processing and evaluating GSA and non GSA proposals. While proposals can be similar in style they are often different and require special information to comply with the agencies specific requirements in a solicitation.

PSI assists with services such as:3214234234234234

  • Requirements Review
  • Proposal Review
  • Pricing Review
  • Red Team Participation
  • RFP Compliance
  • Technical Review
  • Management Review
  • Questions from Contracting Officer

Proposal consulting and competition issues are very touchy subjects sometimes for our clients. Our policy is to refrain from activities that might cause conflict between one of our clients, verses another. PSI is very careful and selective in order to prevent this, protect the rights and privacy of all our clients.



Marketing Services

Every company wants marketing services. Companies pay large sums to get marketing advice on Government projects. Companies also subscribe to large databases full of contacts, to assist them. Our position is “caveat emptor” or Buyer Beware. Marketing is hard work, often after contract awards, many companies want to sit back and wait for the dollars to roll in. This does not happen very often, even in a sole source award. You must market your services and products constantly in order to get work. In GSA contracts you must also hone your marketing skills so that the benefits of the GSA contract and system help you get orders and be a successful contractor.

PSI advises in areas such as:

  • Market Research
  • Agency Introductions
  • Electronic Buying System(s)
  • Contract Education
  • Delivery Order Processing


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