GSA Schedules


Benefits of Having a
GSA Schedule

There are many benefits to having a GSA Schedule here are just a few of them:

  • Agencies are using GSA Schedules often to meet the legal requirements for competition
  • No company is too small to have a schedule contract
  • You do not need to have your delivery orders go through a Prime Contractor who will take a fee for this pass through action.
  • GSA Schedules often reduce the time it takes to get a delivery order awarded for products and services
  • Potential to increase your sales to Federal Agencies because various professional services and products can be ordered easily
  • Any Federal Government agency can use your schedule to contract directly with your company
  • State and Local institutions can use GSA Schedules for disaster relief and recovery and disaster preparedness
  • You can use it to “team” with other GSA Schedule holders to bid on larger or more diverse contracts
  • Delivery Orders can be received for services in as little as a few days
  • Your competitors have one, why don’t you?



Procurement Solutions

Procurement Solutions

Benefits of Using PSI

Procurement Solutions, Inc. is personally committed to our clients success. We provide a full range of services related to getting your business on the GSA schedule.

  • We select the most appropriate contract that fits your businesses services and/or products
  • We develop an award strategy for the GSA Schedule contract
  • We evaluate your commercial sales practices
  • We develop a pricing strategy
  • We compile and submit your proposal
  • We conduct negotiations for your proposal
  • We complete your Final Proposal Revision (formerly BAFO)
  • We develop, process, recompile, submit and upload your approved Proof Pricelist ro GSA Advantage!
  • When we are done, your completed Pricelist is ready for distribution to your customers at all Federal Agencies

After your GSA Schedule is awarded PSI offers services to assist you
with maintenance, compliance and usage of your schedule.

  • Product price updates
  • Price Reduction clause
  • Trade Agreement Act compliance (TAA)
  • Industrial Funding Fee compliance
  • Economic Price Adjustment
  • Addition of Labor Categories
  • Addition of products and services
  • Novation

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Benefits of
Government Contracts

Almost every Government agency will need to procure products and/or services at some point in time. So how do Government offices find providers of these products and services, you ask? Usually, they will publish a RFP (Request For Proposal). A RFP is a call for businesses to bid on a contract opportunity for specific goods or services. This enables the Government agency to receive multiple formal responses for an available government contract. In order to be eligible to submit a quote on many RFPs you may need to have an existing Government contract.

If an agency has already awarded the contract as a GWAC (Government Wide Acquisition Contract) then you must join with awardees as a subcontractor to reach the customer. In doing this there is always an extra cost to the Government customer, having your own GSA contract reduces the overhead paid by the Government customer.

The benefits of Government contracts are extensive, they can:

  • Provide your company with dependable monthly income
  • Strengthen your client portfolio
  • Increase your company’s value
  • Provide access to a single or multiple agency
  • Reduce repetitive competition
  • Allow you to work directly with the Government agency

Sometimes finding RFPs is not an easy task, Procurement Solutions, Inc. can help direct you to websites and contacts where you can find Government Contracts and RFPs. PSI can also provide teaming, subcontractor or partnering relationships that can lead you into new contracts.


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